Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Diagnosis of the interior installation of electricity

The mandatory diagnostics

The "electricity" diagnosis is provided by the seller when the property, for residential use, is equipped with an installation that has been in place for more than fifteen years. This diagnosis is produced in order to evaluate the risks that could affect the safety of people.

For condominium lots, only the installation in the private area must be diagnosed.
The diagnosis is carried out by a professional diagnostician.

The diagnosis of the internal electricity installation is valid for 3 years.
It is included in the technical diagnosis file attached to the compromis (or the promise) and then to thedeed of sale.

The diagnostician checks theelectrical installation downstream of the general control and protection device of theelectrical installation of the dwelling, up to the power supply terminals or up to the sockets.
Thestate of the internal electricity installation also covers :

  • - the adequacy of the fixed equipment to the characteristics of the network,
  • - the conditions of their installation with regard to safety requirements.

It indicates the anomalies of theelectrical installation.

Note: the certificate of compliance, issued by the installer and approved by an approved body (or the statement of the body certifying that it has approved the certificate), and which is less than 3 years old, can replace the state of the internal installation of electricity.